vMiniWB.com Data Privacy Notice

Student usage

in vMiniWB students are invited by a teacher. The teacher then controls the data for that student. The teacher can delete the student data or enable the student to change their data (name), so the teacher acts as data controller for the student. vMiniWB acts as data processor, simply storing the student name along with their whiteboard drawing for the teacher to view. If a student wishes for their data to be deleted or to change their name, they should ask their teacher in the first instance.

Very little personal data is required or stored to use vMiniWB. Only a student's name is stored, and that is to enable the teacher to identify the student's virtual whiteboard responses. vMiniWB does not process the student name except to store it for the sole purpose of showing it to the teacher. vMiniWB does not collect or store student email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers etc. IP addresses may be stored to help deter improper use of vMiniWB, but they will not be used to track users or for any 3rd-party or advertising purposes. There are no 3rd party cookies or cookies for tracking across websites or for marketing or adverts. Indeed, there are no adverts. The only cookies used are to make vMiniWB work, giving the student their own virtual board and identifying it during a session and from session to session.

With regard writing on their virtual mini whiteboard, students should be careful not to write drawings or writing that constitutes sensitive data or anything they don't wish to be associated with themselves. As well as their name, the drawings on their virtual board may be identified to them via cookies associated with their device or the IP address their device is using. Whilst vMiniWB does not automatically keep a historical record of what is written on the boards, the information is shared immediately with the teacher controlling the class who may record or copy what is written. A record is also kept on vMiniWB servers until the virtual board is cleared or over-written in order for vMiniWB to function as intended.

The details on the rest of this page may be of interest in some respects, but most of it is not relevant, as your teacher has the controls for your personal data.

Teacher usage

See below for how your account and personal data (your name and email address) is handled by vMiniWB.

You should be aware that when you invite students to your class, by giving them a join code, you become the data controller for their personal data. So under GDPR law you must give them their data if they request it (their first name, last name and display name), delete it if requested (hold d on your keyboard and click on a board to delete it) and let them change it if requested (hold n on your keyboard and click on a board to enable the student to re-enter their name). To fully delete a student's data you should go into the 'organise class students' screen and delete/purge them from all lists there as well.

Remember that under GDPR, you are permitted to have this data without needing explicit consent from students as it is legitimately required in order to do your job efficiently, in the same way you don't need to ask students for their permission to keep a markbook or attendance register etc. and in the same way that you can require them to write their name on their exercise book. You can be reassured that the data is stored safely on servers as detailed below.

Remember also that students are required to comply with the law, which means they cannot fraudulently take on a different identity (they must appear as themselves) and they cannot use vMiniWB to intimidate, bully, provoke etc. In their use of vMiniWB, they also sign up to the terms which states they must be kind to others and not infringe the rights of others or inhibit their use or enjoyment of vMiniWB.

Data Controller

vMiniWB is the Data Controller for the Personal Data of teachers and school administrators with a vMiniWB account.

Purpose of data processing

Your email address is used to communicate with you if you make a sales or technical support request. It also identifies you through Google-sign-in to secure your vMiniWB account.

Your name is used to personalise communication with you.

Your information is not used for marketing or advertising or to sell to a 3rd party.

Other information that may be made available from Google sign-in is ignored and not stored. Google will tell you what this information might be.

The legal basis for data processing:


If your administrator has enabled Google-sign-in for the teacher accounts, then storing the teacher email addresses is necessary for this to function.

Your IP addresses (including port numbers), timestamps and order requests may also be stored to help maintain the security of servers and data and to help monitor and improve services delivered.


By using vMiniWB, you consent to vMiniWB also storing your name and using it to personalise the services provided.

Legitimate interest declared:


Recipients of your personal data:

Your data is securely held and processed on a server hosted by DigitalOcean. See Safeguards below.

There are no other recipients of your personal data. Should any be required, we will ask you first.

Transfers of your personal data to third countries:

Your Data stays within the EEA. In fact, it is hosted in and remains solely in the UK. Should any transfer outside this region be required, we will ask you first.

Safeguards (How safe is my data)

Your data is kept on a secure server hosted in the UK by DigitalOcean. It is secured against electronic and physical theft to prevent mis-use.

Their strong commitment to data security was a key aspect to DigitalOcean being selected as the hosting service (Data Processor) for the Customer Data we hold. Their clear Data Processing Agreement and commitment to Compliance and Certification provide evidence of this.

Retention period for keeping your personal data:

Your Personal Data will be held until you request it to be deleted or until any services provided or communication has been dormant for 5 years.

You may request for your information to be deleted at any time by sending an email to the representative who you have been dealing with. Deleting such information will require terminating any services currently being given. Once a service is terminated, the Personal Data associated with it may be archived for a period (it will no longer be accessible or processed). The data may be retained for 6 to 12 months after the closure date at which point it is permanently deleted. The sole purpose for the archived Personal Data being retained for this period is to assist in any criminal investigation and will only be made available to the Police if required for such an investigation.

Your rights about the personal data you share with us:

Contractual requirement (What if I don't want to give you my personal data)

We require your email address in order to create and maintain your Account with vMiniWB. If you do not wish to provide a working email address, or want to subsequently withdraw this data, we can no longer provide any services. Any accounts will be closed and any services (such as your own vMiniWB server) will be lost.

Your other personal data (your Name) you are free to request us to change. Note that your provision and editing of this data (your name) must be appropriate and legal (for example ensuring you are not fraudulent in taking on another identity other than your own). Misuse of a Server may result in its suspension or in extreme cases reporting to appropriate authorities.

Automated processing and decision making:

Automated emails to you may be sent as a result of:

Last updated: 11 January 2024