vMiniWB.com: Terms of service

Using vMiniWB.com

You agree to use vMiniWB.com only for lawful purposes. You must also be kind to others when using vMiniWB.com ensuring that you do not infringe the rights of others or inhibit their use or enjoyment of it.

You agree to not test vMiniWB.com to try and expose any weaknesses in security or any other aspect but must alert 'vMiniWB.com' if any such weakness may inadvertently be discovered. You must do your best to share any such weakness with vMiniWB.com as fully as you are able and as soon as you are able and without sharing this information with anybody else. In essence, this means that any attempt to compromise the security of vMiniWB will be deemed unauthorised, illegal activity and treated as such. (This clause means that there are no excuses for such behaviour, like 'testing'). Further to this, you accept full liability for any loss of data or service to vMiniWB.com and any of its customers and users that results from failing to follow these requirements.


vMiniWB.com cannot be held liable for any damage, loss of information or other nasty happening. You are responsible for keeping your own copies of any information you share through vMiniWB.

No warranty of any kind is offered, even if expressed or implied. No warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered. Any liability of the seller and of vMiniWB.com will be limited exclusively to a refund of the purchase price.


vMiniWB.com operates as a service suitable for use by schools and children. As such, the expectations of your use is as you would expect and find for the majority of school systems and of other civil websites such as government websites.

Last updated: 19 December 2022