vMiniWB.com: Training Workshop for teachers

vMiniWB = virtual Mini WhiteBoards

Setting expectations

vMiniWB.com is NOT:

vMiniWB.com is different. vMiniWB.com ENABLES:

So vMiniWB.com is not like most Teacher 'Whiteboard' Apps. The emphasis is quite different. It is student focused and much more like using physical mini-whiteboards. So it's usage will be different and possibly even include new teaching methods, as the interactive and see-as-they-write aspects make this more than just a replacement set of physical mini-whiteboards.

Logging in for the first time

Set up a new class

Guidance to give to students

The key thing to stress:

Your first session

Our training now

Suggested training 'tasks'

These instructions are targeted at the 'teacher'. The 'students' should co-operate as cooperative pretend students.

  1. Clear the student screens and use the top left admin board to draw a noughts and crosses board. Hold 'shift' or '/' to draw straight lines.
  2. Play turns individually, so students in blue, teacher in red to grasp the interaction.
  3. Hold 't' and click on a student board to 'tick' if they win. Hold 'x' and click on a student board to add a 'cross'.
  4. Experiment with sorting the boards by pressing i, r, h, c, v, s, f, b or e (See help link at the top of the screen for details). I mostly use i, but sometimes r.

Swap roles

3 or 4 minutes should be enough to have got started and to have had a game of noughts and crosses.

Swap over, so each person gets a go at being teacher with everyone else joining their class.

Advanced teacher skills 1

You should each have a class with some students, so all log back in as teacher, so you can now all be teacher...

Advanced teacher skills 2

Training summary